The only system BBA approved for laboratory drainage

Vulcathene is a complete laboratory drainage system manufactured from a unique material which provides excellent chemical resistance even at high temperatures, with the added benefit of preventing degradation from UV exposure.

This highly engineered system comes with the quality assurance of being the only BBA approved laboratory drainage system on the market. Vulcathene can be specified in the comfort that it has been rigorously tested against its specific purpose; to safely transport chemical effluents. 

In order to cater for the complete drainage requirements of a laboratory, the Vulcathene portfolio has been developed to include sinks, traps and many other laboratory furniture items to provide a fully matched and reliable installation.




System overview

  • Highly chemical resistant even at high temperatures
  • Full BBA product and system approval
  • Two simple jointing methods; enfusion and mechanical
  • Thermal stress relief solutions
  • Wide operating temperature capabilities (-20°C to 100°C)
  • Comprehensive range with laboratory design in mind

Vulcathene pipe

Vulcathene pipe is made from a unique material that is specifically engineered to give a high level of chemical resistance and prevent degradation from UV exposure. The violet coloured stripe is coextruded in the manufacturing of the pipe and provides clear visual identification that the system carries chemical waste.

  • Highly chemical resistant
  • Wide operating temperature capabilities (-20°C to 100°C)
  • Fully matched with fittings and laboratory bench items
  • Fully BBA approved
  • Sizes 38mm to 152mm

Vulcathene enfusion fittings

Vulcathene enfusion fittings are ideal for where a permanent fusion welded joint is preferred such as where pipework is to be buried, run overhead in ceiling voids, or in less accessible locations such as drainage stacks. Vulcathene enfusion fittings incorporate moulded socket ends with an integral resistance wire in place. Jointing is completed by energising the resistance wire via a dedicated enfusion control unit.

  • Fully matched black fittings with UV protection
  • Fast and efficient method for creating permanent joints
  • Multiple joints can be made simultaneously using link cables
  • Variety of adaptors to connect in other systems
  • Sizes 38mm to 152mm

Vulcathene mechanical fittings

Vulcathene mechanical fittings provide a simple and efficient method of jointing. Through a fast and straightforward process these mechanical fittings are fully demountable, providing an excellent level of flexibility during installation and operation. When a system change or maintenance is required, this allows removal and re-installation without affecting the fittings efficiency.

  • Fully matched black fittings with UV protection
  • Unique nut and tongued-olive jointing method
  • Easy to install
  • Fully demountable
  • Variety of adaptors to connect in other systems
  • Sizes 38mm to 102mm

Vulcathene bench items and laboratory furniture

The Vulcathene range is completed by an incredibly comprehensive range of bench items. From wastes and traps, through to sinks and floor gullies, the Vulcathene range is continuously developed to meet the evolving needs of laboratory design. 

  • Broad range of waste and drip-cup options
  • Comprehensive range of traps to suit a wide variety of applications
  • U-bend, P-trap and S-trap options that can be configured to meet design requirements
  • Fully matched range of sinks to suit a range of workbench layouts
  • Full suite of tools and accessories

Vulcathene range

Enfusion fittings
Mechanical fittings
Bench items and laboratory furniture
Tools and accessories


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