Powerful sound proof drainage

Our dBlue acoustic system is a triple-layer drainage solution designed to drastically reduce the sound of flowing waste water.

dBlue is perfect for multi-occupancy apartment blocks and high specification developments such as hospitals, hotels, restaurants and theatres where reduced noise levels are required.






System overview

  • Multi-layered pipe and unique fixings combine to dramatically reduce the sound of flowing waste water
  • Utilises a secure push fit jointing system
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Tough and impact resistant
  • Minimum maintenance requirements
  • Easy to handle on site
  • Light weight


dBlue pipe

dBlue pipe is manufactured through the coextrusion of three distinct layers:

  • The internal flame-retardant PP-B polypropylene layer is resistant to chemicals and temperatures up to +90°C
  • The middle later is made of PP-H; a modified polypropylene with added reinforcing minerals giving dBlue it’s high stiffness and excellent noise reduction properties
  • The external later is PP-B polypropylene coloured blue and brings a smooth surface with resistance to external tensions and atmospheric factors

Pipe is available in 110 and 160mm diameters, both of which come with a socketed end as standard:

  • Three-layer construction
  • Mineral fillers bring excellent acoustic performance
  • Light weight. Easy to cut and work with on site.

dBlue fittings

The dBlue pipe is complemented by a wide range of dBlue fittings which bring solutions for even the most complex drainage designs. The range includes the Akavent aerator which controls airflow in a soil system which can remove the need for increased pipe diameter or secondary venting. The dBlue system is also compatible with the Studor active ventilation range.

The Phonoklip® bracket

In addition to standard fittings the dBlue range features unique anchor and guide brackets which have been specifically designed to minimise sound transmission from the pipe to the structure of the building

The Phonoklip has a patented acoustic body bracket, encompassing a unique body section which attenuates pipe noise and vibration being passed into the building structure. Designed within the Aliaxis R&D laboratory.

  • Wide range of dBlue fittings
  • Unique anchor and guide brackets complete the acoustic solution




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