The multi-layer hot and cold system

Fluxo® is a complete system of flexible, easy-to-fit pipes and non-corrodible crimp fittings for the supply of hot, cold and chilled water at pressure, making it a versatile and longer-lasting alternative to copper.

Fluxo® is fully compatible with our HTA  and Superflo ABS systems, meaning we can provide the complete hot and cold water solutions throughout your entire building.

System Overview 

  • Quick and easy crimping press installation with TH fittings that require no welding or soldering
  • Reduces heat loss and saves energy 
  • Aluminium layer protects against impacts, shocks and crushing
  • Light, flexible and easily shaped or curved
  • Smooth bore slows bacteria growth whilst minimising frictional losses
  • Significantly quieter in operation over traditional materials
  • Perfect connection every time, with built-in seating indicator

Engineered to perform...

Fluxo® pipes are made from cross-linked polyethylene (PEX). This makes Fluxo® highly resistant to heat, pressure, chemicals and corrosion. Its aluminium layer creates an anti-oxygen barrier to prevent iron oxide sludge forming in the network, whilst also providing strength and rigidity.

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