Technical calculation tools

Achieving the correct specification of potential fluid management solutions can be complex, especially given the unique characteristics and conditions of each project. As well as having our experts on hand to support with any design and specification challenge, we provide a variety of tools to help designers to assess the options.

NBS specifications 

To allow you to quickly access and select the appropriate solution for your project, our library of NBS specification clauses provides full details on all product components, product standards and associated literature.

If you are unable to find the NBS specification that you are looking for or need further assistance with your product selection, please email


Effective design relies upon good quality information for all components in a network being managed holistically. To support this, we provide CAD files for the key components of our portfolio, further enhanced by Building Information Modelling (BIM) models for systems that are installed internally. BIM modelling not only supports a collaborative and integrated design process allowing designers to explore key physical and functional characteristics of a project digitally before it's built, but also can be used to calculate material quantities, construction costs, energy and carbon output, whole life maintenance and overall sustainability of a building. Increasingly BIM is being used in the operation and maintainenance of buildings far beyond the design stage, giving peace of mind to owners, operators and facilities managers. If you are unable to find the BIM or CAD file you require, please email 

Specification advice

We love a challenge. Our experts pride themselves on being able to support engineers, consultants and designers to find the right material and system for their project by working collaboratively to understand any challenges they face and specify the right solutions to overcome them. Our diverse team have backgrounds in chemistry, mechanical engineering, pipeline design and product development, as well as practical experience from using these skills on real projects and products. As well as providing project-specific advice, we have a range of accredited CPD presentations which we can deliver to support your continuous learning around our areas of expertise.

Design support

As well as providing a wide range of tools to support the design process, we have our own experts who collaborate with designers and engineers to help create the most effective fluid management solution for any application. From simple take-offs to full BIM-based design collaboration, we work with you to maximise performance, eliminate risks, and ensure your project is a success from the outset.

Bespoke fabrication

Whether you're looking to save time, save space, or overcome a complicated technical challenge, we provide a complete service for bespoke solutions including the design, manufacture and testing of unique products engineered for your specific needs.

  • Bespoke fittings with unique angles and connection combinations
  • Pre-assembled pipe and fittings
  • Modular pipework units and stacks
  • Bespoke pipe lengths, diameters and thicknesses
  • Bespoke valve, actuation and seal combinations