Maximising productivity while maintaining high standards of safety is critical in all industrial processes, whether in pharmaceutical, food and beverage, petrochemical, materials or any other form of manufacturing. Fluid management plays a vital role in all industrial processes to keep operations running as efficiently as possible through the effective control of process water, compressed air, chemicals and other corrosive fluids.  

Every industrial process is unique, so it's important that any fluid management system is carefully specified and correctly installed in order to provide a reliable, low maintenance solution that optimises the performance of the process. Aliaxis has expertise across a wide variety of applications and can provide advice and bespoke solutions for water treatment, chemical handling, surface treatment, washing, compressed air and a wide variety of other industrial processes.

Our Flow Team are experts in process controls, and can help to specify valves, actuators and measurement systems for any industrial situation. Our in-house chemist can analyse chemical compositions and recommend the best pipework system for any given process, giving peace of mind that the system is fit for purpose and designed to give long-lasting performance. Our technical support team can advise on pipe network design to ensure the specified system can be installed as efficiently as possible, and will even advise on the installation itself to make sure it is robust and reliable.

We have a comprehensive range of pressure pipework systems that are a specially engineered for industrial processes, accompanied by a fully matched range of manual and actuated valves.

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Durapipe Corzan
System for hot corrosive fluids
Durapipe GuardianĀ 
Dual-contained pipework system
Durapipe Polypropylene
System for hazardous chemicals
Durapipe PVC
System for process chemicals
Air-Line Xtra
System for compressed air
System for chemical drainage
System for chilled water
Industrial valves
Flow control solutions
Industrial processes range guide
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Waste & water treatment
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Application schematics
Chemical processing
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Application schematics
Factory services
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Application schematics
Food and beverage process
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Application schematics
Power generation
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Application schematics
Anaerobic digestion
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Application schematics
Data centres
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Application schematics
Marine industry
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Application schematics

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