From managing water responsibly to processing chemicals or hazardous substances, there are complex and diverse requirements for industrial pipework.

Every industrial process is unique, therefore it's essential that any system is carefully specified and correctly installed in order to provide a reliable, low maintenance solution.

Our Flow Team are experts in process controls, and can support in specifying valves, actuators and measurement systems for any industrial situation. Our in-house chemist can analyse chemical compositions and recommend the best pipework system for any given process, providing peace of mind and long-lasting performance.

Our Applications

Wastewater treatment

Compliant with water industry standards and supported by a team of technical experts, our water treatment solutions can be incorporated into chemical transport and control systems for flocculation, filtration, membrane and reverse osmosis.

Agriculture & Irrigation

Our team of technical specialists combine flow management expertise with a vast range of product solutions to help customers across the agricultural sector to meet the challenges of today and create sustainable, futureproof systems for the needs of tomorrow.

Compressed air

Compressed air is a key component for many industrial applications, and here at Aliaxis we support the design and specification of compressed air systems as part of a total industrial fluid management solution.

Fuel supply

Our expertise in conveyed fuels and their vapours, the performance of materials in atmospheric conditions, and maintaining consistent flow rates have enabled us to develop a range of solutions to ensure a reliable and efficient pipework system can be achieved in every transport re-fuelling application.​

Chemical drainage

Over 65 years of innovation in chemical drainage, we have developed a reputation for quality that means our systems are now specified globally as the gold standard for complete, safe laboratory drainage.

Our Services

Our chemical resistance guide

With our chemical resistance guide, we can further support the material selection process with an intuitive, time-saving and user-friendly web-based tool that allows customers to determine the compatibility of our system materials with a multitude of chemical substances.

Speak to our in-house chemist

As company chemist for Aliaxis UK Anil works directly with our partners to find solutions to their technical challenges, ensuring that our products are used in a correct and safe manner for the benefit of all.

Get in touch with our experts

We collaborate with designers and engineers to help create the most effective fluid management solution for any application. From simple take-offs to full BIM-based design collaboration, we work with you to maximise performance, eliminate risks, and ensure your project is a success from the outset.
Technical services

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