The complete potable water supply solution

The GPS PE Blue range is the most complete solution for potable water supply, comprising a range of high performance polyethylene (PE) pipes, complete with a wide variety of fully matched fittings options and boundary boxes.

GPS PE Blue pipes are flexible, lightweight and corrosion-free, and can be used to create a robust, fully-welded system with butt-fusion or electrofusion jointing for maximum joint integrity and an extensive service life. GPS PE Blue system offers excellent lifetime cost savings compared to traditional materials, and with BS EN 12201 approval across the range, it provides a solution you can rely on for water mains, communication and service pipes for the reliable transportation of drinking water. 

Along with Philmac compression fittings, Frialen electrofusion fittings, a wide variety of spigot fittings and the Adjusta boundary box range, we provide a unique and comprehensive system solution for potable water.  Along with the Protecta-Line barrier system for complete protection in contaminated land, and 3C (Clean, Capped, Coiled) pipe to save both time and waste at installation by removing the need for pre-chlorination, it is easy to see why GPS PE Blue is trusted by the leading water utilities, engineering and construction companies as the ideal solution for new installations, pipeline replacement and rehabilitation.






System overview

  • Flexible and lightweight for ease of installation
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Minimum maintenance requirements
  • 3C (clean, capped, coiled) option for installation without pre-chlorination
  • Protecta-Line barrier system for use in contaminated land
  • Complete fittings range
  • BS EN 12201 and WRAS approvals

GPS PE Blue pipe

GPS PE Blue pipe is a flexible and lightweight solution for the transportation of drinking water, and can be installed using traditional open-cut techniques and trenchless methods such as directional drilling. The high quality polymer allows for a fully pressurised pipeline system with a wide range of sizes and pressure ratings available as standard and other bespoke diameters, lengths and pressure ratings available to order.

  • Flexible and lightweight for ease of installation
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Minimum maintenance requirements
  • Suitable for trenchless installation methods
  • Available in straight lengths and coils
  • Up to 16 bar pressure rating
  • BS EN 12201, WRAS and DWI approved
  • Sizes 20mm to 1200mm

3C - clean, capped, coiled

GPS PE Blue 3C is a unique factory-sealed clean PE pipe coil which is approved by the Secretary of State for installation without pre-chlorination. It allows installers to proceed to immediate commissioning, significantly reducing the overall installation time and costs. 3C pipe can be supplied with a factory-fitted integral towing head, ready to attach a towing shackle on site. The 3C with towing head ensures the pipe bore remains clean throughout the whole installation process and the risk of a towing head failure is minimised. 3C is kinder to the environment, as it cuts down on the number of chlorination treatments required, reducing chemical usage and waste disposal of large volumes of disinfected water.

  • Saves time in installation and commissioning
  • Significantly reduces the use of water and chlorine
  • Significantly reduces waste
  • Available with factory-fitted towing head
  • Up to 16 bar pressure rating
  • BS EN 12201, WRAS and DWI approvals
  • Sizes 63mm to 180mm


Protecta-Line is the market leading and original barrier pipe system that has been tried and tested by water companies and housebuilders for 25 years to safely transport drinking water through areas of contaminated land and sites with potential future contamination concerns. The Protecta-Line system includes a diverse range of fully approved fittings for different jointing methods to meet all customer requirements.​

  • Suitable for corrosive conditions​
  • Can be used for trenchless installations​
  • Brown stripes provide easy identification and comply with NJUG regulations ​
  • Proven protection against all recognised brownfield contaminants​
  • All the installation advantages of polyethylene
  • BS 8588 approved
  • Sizes 25mm to 630mm

Find out more about our Protecta-Line barrier system

Philmac compression fittings

The comprehensive range of Philmac fittings and valves is designed for pressurised pipe systems and is suitable for working pressures up to 16 bar. With options including the 3G Metric Imperial fittings and the UTC Universal Transition Coupling, the Philmac range provides flexibility and fast, easy installation, and is WRAS-approved for drinking water applications.​

  • Long-lasting and corrosion resistant 
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Lead free
  • Lightweight and high-performance 
  • WRAS approved
  • Sizes 20mm to 110mm

Find out more about our Philmac compression fittings

Frialen electrofusion fittings

The Frialen range of electrofusion fittings has been engineered to provide the highest quality joints for polyethylene pipes, creating a fully homogenous system with GPS PE Blue pipe that network operators can depend on. Their unique design incorporates exposed heating coils to provide consistent heat transfer during fusion and to achieve maximum bonding between the materials. 

  • Exposed heating coils for consistent heat transfer
  • Longer fusion zones for greater reliability
  • Larger fitting insertion depth
  • Reduced pipe misalignment
  • Range conforms to wide range of global standards
  • Unrivalled range of specialist products to solve customers needs

Find out more about our Frialen electrofusion fittings

Adjusta boundary boxes

Designed to house the meter at the boundary between the water main and the domestic supply, the comprehensive range of Adjusta boundary boxes has been developed with complete flexibility in mind. Adjusta boundary boxes are manufactured with an adjustable top section, enabling the installer to easily adjust the height of and pitch of the boundary box to suit the specific on-site conditions without compromising on loading capacity. The range is available in three different standard sizes to suit all installation depths, and there is a wide variety of inlet and outlet connection options providing a highly versatile solution which can be specified to suit any requirements or installtions.

  • Compliant with WIS 4-37-01 and BS5834-2
  • Design life in excess of 50 years
  • Option of Type 1 (watertight) or Type 2 (non-watertight)
  • Grade B load bearing height adjustable boxes
  • Grade C (4.5 tonnes) rated polymer surface box
  • Short, standard and large heights to cover all installation depths
  • Inlet/outlet connections available in any combination of 25mm MDPE tails or 20mm, 25mm & ½” heavy gauge push-fit connectors

Find out more about our Adjusta boundary boxes

Spigots and fabricated fittings

GPS PE Blue spigot fittings are supplied complete with pupped outlets ready for electrofusion or butt-fusion, eliminating the need for additional pupping at installation. The range comprises a wide variety of shapes which includes mitred bends, equal and reduced tees, reducers and stub flange assemblies. Together with our technical design service, we provide solutions for both innovative new pipeline design and existing complicated pipe networks, offering a superior quality experience to specifiers, designers and installers without the need to compromise on operating pressure or retention of existing complicated infrastructure. 

  • Suitable for electrofusion and butt-fusion techniques
  • Excellent performance without reduction of operating pressure
  • Compatible with GPS PE Blue pipes and fittings
  • Bespoke options available to be tailored to individual site requirements
  • Available in a wide range of shapes and pressure ratings
  • Sizes 63mm to 1200mm

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GPS PE Blue range

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