Population growth, industrial demand and water scarcity are significant challenges facing water utilities in the delivery of a safe, high quality and resilient service to our communities.

Building and maintaining plants for potable or waste water treatment requires the planning and management of a complex range of processes. Establishing an efficient and effective water treatment train that is easy to operate and maintain needs careful consideration when specifying materials, products and other components.

We support these challenges by bringing together our expertise in fluid management and control with a range of high quality water treatment systems including fully matched pipe, fitting and valve solutions, complemented with a broad range of actuation systems and flow measurement devices to meet a wide range of water treatment needs.

Compliant with water industry standards and supported by a team of technical experts, our water treatment solutions can be incorporated into chemical transport and control systems for flocculation, filtration, membrane and reverse osmosis. Our range is available in small and large format solutions ideal for handling chemicals for disinfection, pH control, flocculation in line and for SKID development and manufacture.

All of our pipework systems are supported by a matched range of manual and actuated ball, butterfly and diaphragm valves, measurement devices for flow rate, conductivity and pH/ORP as well as mixers, sediment strainers, pressure control and sampling.

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Durapipe PVC
System for process chemicals
SuperFlo ABS
System for chilled & cold water
Durapipe Corzan CPVC
System for hot corrosive fluids
GPS PE Black
Pipe and fittings system
Durapipe Guardian
Dual-contained pipework system
Valves and actuation
Flow control solutions
Waste & water treatment
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Application schematics
Waste & water treatment

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