Compressed air is a key component for many industrial applications and often provides an important energy source for powering equipment, machinery or moving substances through a production facility or process. Therefore it's vital that a clean and consistent supply of air is provided to ensure continuous and safe operation, without fear of corrosion, air leaks or contamination.

Our focus on industrial processes has enabled us to develop expertise across all fluid management applications in the industrial environment, and compressed air is no exception. Complementing our solutions for water, chemicals and waste, we support the design and specification of compressed air systems as part of a total industrial fluid management solution.

Our Air-Line Xtra is a lightweight, non-corrodible compressed air distribution system, and provides a robust solution for ensuring a consistent air supply that remains clean and uncontaminated. Air-Line Xtra is manufactured from a specially formulated material blend complete with an internal permeation barrier designed to protect the pipework from compressor oils. Boasting a 30-year design life, Air-Line Xtra is specifically designed for the conveyance of compressed air, and meets the requirements of the UK Pressure Systems and Transportable Container Regulations.

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Air-Line Xtra
System for compressed air distribution

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