Safety is a primary concern at any refuelling location, so the corrosion and permeation resistance of pipework systems are of utmost importance.  Aliaxis’ expertise in conveyed fuels and their vapours, the performance of materials in atmospheric conditions, and maintaining consistent flow rates have enabled us to develop a range of solutions to ensure a reliable and efficient pipework system can be achieved in every transport re-fuelling application.​

​Delivering maximum environmental protection for both above and below ground applications is also an important consideration. This led us to develop our innovative secondary-contained system, with the ability to operate a leak detection system capable of discovering and isolating any potential fuel leaks.​

​Our expertise developed over 25 years of innovation of polymer systems for transport refuelling means we are able to develop and specify solutions that also reduce installation time on site while ensuring quality and efficiency, all being installed without the requirements for a hot works permit. ​

​Our PLX system is a multi-layered polyethylene composite pipe system offering an internal permeation barrier, available in both single-wall and secondary-contained options, specifically designed to offer maximum permeation protection to the environment and conforms to the requirements of EN 14125. ​PLX offers a range of pipework options ranging from 32mm up to 315mm pipework diameters with a fully matched selection of fittings and installation tooling. 

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