The tried and trusted barrier system

Protecta-Line is the market leading and original barrier pipe system that has been tried and tested by water companies and housebuilders for 25 years to safely transport drinking water through areas of contaminated land and sites with potential future contamination concerns.​

Protecta-Line’s comprehensive range is available from 25mm up to 630mm and incorporates a diverse range of fully approved fittings for different jointing methods to meet every customer’s requirements.​ Developments in this range over the years ensures a complete service-to-mains PE barrier pipe and fittings system ensuring that your scheme can be completed using Protecta-Line compatible products from trunk-mains to service connections.​

Protecta-Line is approved to BS 8588, the new British standard for barrier pipes and fittings. Specifying a complete barrier system, which has been proven to meet this standard, offers contractors, developers and water utilities the reassurance that a safe and reliable solution is being installed.




System overview

  • No expensive soil sampling required
  • Proven protection against all recognised brownfield contaminants
  • Save on landfill costs​
  • Dedicated fittings
  • Lightweight and flexible​
  • Excellent lifetime cost savings
  • Kitemarked system​
  • Peace of mind from using a proven product
  • BS 8588 approval






Protecta-Line pipe

Protecta-Line’s multi-layer construction consists of an internal polyethylene core for carrying clean water, an aluminium barrier layer and finally an outer polyethylene layer for protection.​ The aluminium barrier prevents the ingress of all known contaminants, of varying concentrations, through the pipe and into the water supply.

  • Suitable for corrosive conditions​
  • Can be used for trenchless installations​
  • Brown stripes provide easy identification and comply with NJUG regulations ​
  • Proven protection against all recognised brownfield contaminants​
  • All the installation advantages of polyethylene​
  • Sizes 25mm to 630mm

Protecta-Line Electrofusion

The unique design of Protecta-Line electrofusion fittings incorporates exposed heating coils to provide consistent heat transfer during fusion and to achieve maximum bonding between the materials. The fittings are lightweight, resistant to corrosion, have excellent chemical durability and exceptional fusibility.

  • Fast and easy installation​
  • No risk of joint corrosion​
  • Proven barrier protection against contamination​
  • BS 8588 and WRAS approval​
  • Exposed heating coils for consistent heat transfer​
  • Longer fusion zones for greater reliability​
  • Larger fitting insertion depth​
  • Reduced pipe misalignment

Protecta-Line Mechanical compression

Protecta-Line mechanical compression fittings are made from Acetal for its strong chemical resistance properties. The range has been independently proven to be a barrier to contamination without the need of wrapping the joints after installation.

  • Feature a unique pipe insert that seals securely against the pipe bore​
  • No pipe preparation, wrapping or specialist equipment required​
  • Proven barrier protection against contamination​
  • No contact between the pipe’s protective aluminium layer and drinking water​
  • No risk of joint corrosion​
  • Easy and rapid all weather installation​
  • BS 8588 and WRAS approval
  • Sizes 25mm to 63mm

Protecta-Line Ferrules

Protecta-Line ferrules allow for live under-pressure tapping to prevent customers supply of water being affected by any mains work.​ The range is accompanied by the Protecta-Line mechanical compression range of transition fittings to ensure fast and ​reliable connections to the system. ​

  • Single-sided fastening for quicker installation
  • Multi-sized strap that reduces stock holding​
  • Excellent headloss and flow characteristics​
  • No pipe preparation required​
  • 100% corrosion-free materials​
  • BS 8588 and WRAS approval
  • Outlet sizes 25mm to 63mm

Protecta-Line Mechanical

Protecta-Line mechanical fittings offer the same trusted reliability as Protecta-Line’s other jointing options, but without the need for pipe end preparation or welding.

  • Full barrier performance​
  • Diverse range of fabrications available​
  • Fast and easy all weather solution, with the need for a power source​
  • Corrosion resistant materials​
  • BS 8588 and WRAS approval
  • Sizes 63mm to 180mm

Protecta-Line spigots and fabrications

Protecta-Line provides a comprehensive range of spigot fittings and fabrications that are made from Protecta-Line pipe. ​All welds are de-beaded and factory wrapped in aluminium and a protective tape to ensure complete barrier performance. ​

  • Factory wrapped joints ensuring complete barrier performance​
  • Wide range of fabrications available​
  • Bespoke options available to project requirements​
  • Time and cost savings against on-site fabrications
  • Sizes 90mm to 630mm

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Protecta-Line range

Electrofusion fittings
Mechanical Compression fittings
Mechanical fittings
Spigots and fabricated fittings


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