Rainwater systems for small to medium roof areas

110mm to 155mm gutter systems offering a range of colour options and downpipe solutions in 68mm and 82mm round or 65mm square.

  • Clip-master – half round profile (112mm x 49mm), compatible with most other manufacturer’s half round systems
  • Flowline – an attractive rectilinear profile (112mm x 60mm)
  • Deepflow – semi-elliptical profile (110mm x 75mm) in a high flow capacity
  • Deepflow150 – semi-elliptical profile (155mm x 98mm) with even bigger carrying capacity (up to 0.6 litres per second)
  • All systems have Life4 performance offering high gloss levels and longer stable colour retention
  • Easyclip makes jointing both easy and reliable
  • Can be installed using a notched or notch-less joint

Decorative rainwater systems

Regency and Foundry Finish PVCu rainwater systems particularly suited for character or period style buildings.

  • Regency – bold, highly decorative profiled PVCu gutter system
  • Foundry Finish – gives a cast iron look without the expense. Available in two profiles – 112mm half round and 125mm semi-elliptical
  • Authentic period-style fittings
  • Lightweight and easy to install

Rainwater systems for large roofs and commercial buildings

  • Highflo – nominal half round system (170mm x 73mm) designed to provide superior drainage with a flow rate up to 6 litres per second
  • Stormflo – semi-elliptical system (200mm x 133mm), one of the largest profiles on the market
  • Ideal application for commercial projects

Gutter profile options

We offer a comprehensive range of gutter profiles and downpipe options in a range of colours to suit your design and capacity requirements:

  • W – white, B – black, G – grey, BR – brown, AG – anthracite grey, FF – black cast iron effect

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