Giving valves connectivity webinar
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The water treatment and manufacturing / processing industries are experiencing digital transformation in many areas of asset automation. Part of this change is the introduction of fieldbus control systems at the ‘wet end’ of things. 

Fieldbus control systems enable the control of remote actuated valves to aid the de-manning of industrial plants in a post COVID-19 era.

As such we are working with our partners at HMS to deliver an engaging webinar that explores the benefits of:

  • Adding fieldbus connectivity to your assets
  • Removing the need for manual intervention 
  • Improving process control


Wednesday 14th July at 10:00 BST - 30 Minutes


Why should I attend?

  • You want to automate and streamline your fluid control systems
  • You are looking for ways to reduce manual operations at water treatment works, Industrial plants and manufacturing facilities. 

If you have any questions please contact: