The only load-bearing adjustable boundary box

Designed to house the meter at the boundary between the water main and the domestic supply, the comprehensive range of Adjusta boundary boxes has been developed with complete flexibility in mind.

Adjusta boundary boxes are manufactured with an adjustable top section, enabling the installer to easily adjust the height of and pitch of the boundary box to suit the specific on-site conditions without compromising on loading capacity.

The range is available in three different standard sizes to suit all installation depths, and there is a wide variety of inlet and outlet connection options providing a highly versatile solution which can be specified to suit any requirements or installtions. 




System overview

  • Compliant with WIS 4-37-01 and BS5834-2
  • Design life in excess of 50 years
  • Option of Type 1 (watertight) or Type 2 (non-watertight)
  • Grade B load bearing height adjustable boxes
  • Grade C (4.5 tonnes) rated polymer surface box
  • Short, standard and large heights to cover all installation depths
  • Kitemarked system​
  • Inlet/outlet connections available in any combination of 25mm MDPE tails or 20mm, 25mm & ½” heavy gauge push-fit connectors

Adjusta boxes

The Adjusta box is a unique offering due to its load-bearing adjustable top section. This section uses a screw-thread functionality to provide a stronger, more robust hold and reducing the likelihood of depression during the life of the product. A wide range of bases and connections can be used with this range to ensure a truly flexible offering for each and every customer.

  • Fully load-bearing height adjustment section
  • Level and slope options
  • Standard and drain bases available
  • Range of connection options
    • 25mm MDPE pipe tails, 150mm long
    • Push-fit connections for 20mm or 25mm pipe
  • Available with contaminated land specifications

Contaminated land

Available with a brass manifold or as a sealed polymer box, our range of contaminated land boundary boxes is suitable for use with our Protecta-Line barrier system for a complete water supply solution, giving total peace of mind for installations in land that has been contaminated or is at risk of future contamination.

  • Brass manifold 
    • Dezincification resistant
    • ¾” female thread connection
    • Available with unique Adjusta top section
  • Sealed box
    • 100% leak tested to prevent groundwater ingress
    • ¾” male thread connection
    • Available with unique Adjusta top section

Lids and cowls

Adjusta comes with a wide variety of lids and finishing options to suit your individual needs. All of these solutions are available for use on the full Adjusta box range.

  • Square cowl
  • Surface box
  • Slope Adjusta
  • Tether
  • Metal detector plate

Rigid boxes

Our range of rigid boxes are ideal for replacement works and can be cut down to size. 

  • Range of connection options
    • 25mm MDPE pipe tails, 150mm long
    • Push-fit connections for 20mm or 25mm pipe
  • Standard and drain bases available

Protecta-Line boundary box for contaminated land

Our Protecta-Line boundary box combines the power of our Protecta-Line technology with the strength and versatility of our Adjusta range to produce a powerful and complete water supply solution in contaminated land applications.

  • BS 8588 approved for use in contaminated land.
  • The only 'Grade B' load bearing, screw adjustable boundary box.
  • Powerful protection against all known contaminants.
  • Compliant with WIS 4-37-01 and BS 5834-2.
  • Additional lid options available: slope Adjusta, square cowl and surface box.


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