Improving shower energy efficiency

Zypho® Waste-water Heat exchange unit is an affordable, easy-to fit, energy-saving device for bathrooms, substantially improving the energy efficiency of hot-water systems by utilising the heat of outgoing wastewater. 

The horizontal iZi30 heat recovery solution, with a flow drainage recommended up to 25l/min is able to deliver energy savings of 30% 

The vertical PiPe DW range heat recovery solutions are adaptable to shower trays, linear drains or bathtubs, with a flow drainage recommended up to 12.5l/min, able to deliver energy savings up to 65%.

System overview

  • Passively recovers heat from shower and bath waste water
  • Cost effective solution - payback in under five years in a two person dwelling
  • No maintenance required
  • Robust, lightweight and easy to fit
  • No moving parts or power connections
  • Up to 65% more energy efficient
  • Legionella free
  • Reduces your carbon footprint

Fully compatible with our Fluxo® range, it comes in a variety of options for installation under showers or baths, or within service cupboard risers in multi-occupancy buildings.

Engineered to perform

The Zypho® waste water heat recovery range utilises the outgoing
wastewater, which runs against a copper coil containing incoming
fresh cold water. Heat is transferred to the cold water and can then be directed to the shower mixer, the water heater, or both, reducing the overall energy needed to heat the water.

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