System overview

Ribbed construction pipe that provides structural performance, whilst remaining lightweight and easy to install. Quantum is manufactured in two grades, sewer and highway, and offers numerous benefits over traditional materials:

  • The flexibility to tolerate ground movement without damage, whilst withstanding the combined effects of backfill and loading
  • Fewer joints to reduce the likelihood of leaks and blockages
  • A high level of chemical resistance to the wide range of substances found in both effluent and contaminated soils
  • A smooth bore that gives good hydraulic performance
  • 150mm pipes compatible with standard  BS EN 1401 fittings (160mm size)
  • A red stripe, printed down the length of the pipe, aids identification of sewer pipe

Quantum sewer

  • 150mm, 225mm & 300mm diameters
  • Plain ended and socketed pipe
  • Kitemark to BS EN 13476-3
  • BBA 94/2985 certification on Quantum Sewer for private foul and surface water applications
  • WIS 4-35-01 certification on Quantum Sewer for adoptable foul and surface water sewers

Quantum highway

  • 150mm, 225mm and 300mm plain ended pipe
  • Pipes available in solid wall, half slotted or fully slotted
  • Highway surface water carrier and filter drains
  • Private surface water applications
  • BBA 09/H146 & BBA 98/3486 certification

Large diameter highway

  • 375mm, 450mm and 600mm diameters
  • Pipes available in solid wall or fully slotted
  • Suitable for highway surface water carrier and filter drains
  • A range of fittings including couplings, bends and branches
  • BBA certificate 11/H172

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