Discover our new PLX termination fittings
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We're excited to introduce our new range of secondary contained termination fittings for our PLX fuel pipework system, providing fuel system installers a more compact and efficient solution 

Designed for use at both the offset fill area and tank chamber connection points, the launch of our new termination fittings enables full secondary containment to be maintained throughout the pipeline - when used in conjunction with PLX secondary contained “close fit” pipework.
PLX termination fittings also provide a more compact and efficient solution, with the three components often seen in traditional termination assemblies now condensed into one electrofusion fitting. This allows for a far faster and easier installation process on site, with fewer fittings resulting in less time spent on preparation and electrofusion welding.  

Click here to watch our new video demonstrating the time and cost saving benefits PLX termination fittings provide

Speaking about the launch, Rich Pedley, Product Manager, said: “At Aliaxis, our approach to bringing innovative solutions to market is first and foremost customer centred. Within the fuel markets, a key concern is ensuring that the fuel is transferred as efficiently and safely as possible, without contaminating the land or local environment. With the launch of these new termination fittings, our customers can confidently install a system that is secondary contained throughout and in line with the APEA Bluebook guidance, providing additional environmental protection and peace of mind.
“We also understand that time is a critical factor on many projects, which is why we wanted to make these new fittings quicker and easier for our customers to install.”
Available in two sizes, 63#75 x 63mm and 110#125 x 110mm, our termination fittings also come with the option of interstitial monitoring access ports for leak detection requirements, furthermore the 110#125 x 110mm fittings utilise PLX one-weld technology, allowing four welds to be made within one electrofusion cycle. 
Our original method of termination will continue to be available.
Approved to the requirements of EN14125, our PLX system features an internal permeation barrier, making it suitable for use with traditional fuels, leaded, unleaded petroleum, diesel and alternative fuels such as bio-diesel


Click here to view our PLX termination fitings datasheet or click here to find out more about our wider PLX range