Durapipe Corzan provides glycol-resistant cooling solution at Beckton Sewage Treatment Works
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Durapipe Corzan


Corrosion resistance


Beckton Sewage Treatment Works


Thames Water, Donland Engineering

The Challenge

Thames Water’s £190m upgrade and expansion of Beckton Sewage Treatment Works required a corrosion resistant pipework system to transfer a glycol-based coolant around a new cooling circuit.

The Solution

Durapipe Corzan was specified to safely transfer coolant around a new cooling system, installed to maintain th etemperature of large electrical transformers. The cooling circuit uses a coolant comprising of 70% water and 30% glycol, the solution leaves the transformer at 42°C and is pumped through air blast coolers, which reduce the temperature to 36°C, with the cooled water re-circulated back to the transformer. Due to the corrosive properties of this specific glycol-based solution, it was crucial that a corrosion-resistant pipe material was selected, which led to the specification of Corzan.

Commenting on the installation, Mike Cooper from Donland Engineering said: “Due to the levels of glycol present in the system, we needed a system that was corrosion resistant, while the client was also looking for a low maintenance solution that would last for at least 20 years. Durapipe Corzan ticked all the boxes so it was the ideal choice for the application, but the quick and easy installation of the system also saved us time ensuring we could meet the installation deadlines.”