Women in Commercial
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Rudi Scott joined the business in September as Area Sales Manager for the South West and Wales.

What made you choose Aliaxis UK, and how are you finding it?

One of the things that first drew me to Aliaxis UK was that it’s a large, corporate business, with many departments and ample room for progression. I have the chance to travel, which I really enjoy, while also offering a good work-life balance. Since joining, everyone that I have met has been so nice, and I love the products that I get to work with.   

What is it about working in sales that you like?

I love getting to meet so many new people, something I sorely missed during the pandemic. I have also realised that I have a great ability to build relationships with those that I meet, and this is a very important skill in my line of work! In my current role alone I get to deal with contractors, consultants and local authorities. The travel opportunities that often come with a role in sales are also really exciting – I’d even had the chance to fly on a private jet!

What is it that appeals to you about the industry?

Honestly, I don’t think I could work in another industry – I love it here! It is always evolving and growing, even in the past ten years I have seen so many changes. There’s always new challenges to face too and that’s something that excites rather than deters me.

What advice would you give to your younger self starting out?

When I was at college, I wanted to study plumbing, but I found out that I would be the only woman in the class and that was really daunting. I decided to do a course in childcare instead. If I had possessed the confidence I have now, I would’ve jumped onto that plumbing course without a second thought. So, what I would say is  go for everything, even if it seems scary, because you can do anything you put your mind to!