Low-noise, high-performance drainage

Friaphon is a purpose-designed sound attenuated drainage system that offers excellent sound insulation, making it an ideal solution for use in care homes, apartments and hospitals.

This dual layer PVC-U system is designed to cater for above ground soil and waste needs as well as internal rainwater service applications. Friaphon is suitable for temperatures of up to 95°C and is highly impact resistant. Produced in accordance with the British standard for wastewater drainage, with a Euroclass b-s1-d0 fire reaction rating, the Friaphon system can be installed with the confidence of high performance.

The Friaphon system does not require lagging, and the easy push-fit jointing method means straightforward and efficient installation with less material requirements. This provides a significant installed-cost benefit compared with a lagged single wall system or cast-iron alternative. 






System overview

  • No lagging required
  • Easy push-fit assembly
  • High impact resistance
  • Resistant to temperatures of up to 95oC
  • Suitable for installation in accordance with BS EN 12056

Friaphon pipe

Friaphon pipe is manufactured by dual-forming two materials of different density. This Friaphon Dual Technology, with a mineral reinforced outer PVC layer, guarantees the excellent sound insulation and airborne sound reduction properties of the system by partially reflecting sound along the boundary layers to absorb it using the pipe’s mass.

  • Suitable for soil, waste and rainwater services
  • Sound tested at the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics
  • B s1 d0 Euroclass fire rating
  • Available in 3 metre lengths
  • Sizes 110mm and 160mm

Friaphon double couplers

When using Friaphon double couplers as standard connectors, Friaphon pipes can be connected to each other free of any structure-borne noises by way of a floating bearing of the pipe ends. At the same time, an integral expansion compensator allows for thermal movement.

  • Acoustic protection between pipe and couplers
  • Fully matched to Friaphon pipe
  • Integral expansion compensators
  • Sound tested at the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics

Friaphon support clips

Specially engineered for Friaphon, our range of rubber lined support clips are supplied with an integrated support ring and wall fixing. Helping to reduce sound created by vibration, these clips are easy to install using a simple bolt screw fixing method.

  • Integrated wall attachment
  • Easy to install
  • Rubber lined to help significantly reduce vibration at fixing points


Friaphon range

Support clips


Building services range guide
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Hotels and apartments
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Residential care homes
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Student accommodation buildings
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Schools and colleges
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Offices and public buildings
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Retail and stadia
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