New Chemical Resistance Guide for our customers
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We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Chemical Resistance Guide web-based tool. Forming part of our comprehensive technical support for customers, the guide is designed to serve as a useful tool to aid piping system material selection for chemical applications.

When it comes to selecting pipework systems for the purposes of safely conveying and transporting chemicals, it is vital that the correct piping material is installed - one that is compatible with the intended chemical substance, ensuring the future safety of both people and property. While this may seem obvious, with so many pipework systems and materials available on the market today, selecting the correct one for the individual project can be a challenging and daunting task.

It is for this reason that we have chosen to create our own Chemical Resistance Guide. The intuitive, time-saving and user-friendly web-based tool enables customers to determine the compatibility of its system materials with a multitude of chemical substances. By comparing the chemical resistance of over 20 pipe, fitting, valve seal and measurement and instrumentation materials with almost 500 chemical substances, engineers, specifiers and installers can ensure that the right pipework solution is chosen for the individual job.    

Speaking about the new guide, Anil Kumar, Company Chemist at Aliaxis UK said: “Achieving the correct specification of fluid management solutions can be complex, especially given the unique characteristics and conditions of each project. At Aliaxis, we pride ourselves on offering unrivalled technical support to our customers, with the new Chemical Resistance Guide forming a key part of this technical offering and further supporting the material selection process.

“For the more challenging or unique applications, our in-house chemist is also on hand to provide project-specific advice, including consideration of any ancillary agents that could come into contact with the pipework, and even perform a literature review, all to ensure that the right solution is chosen.”

Customers can also use our guide to generate a tailored submittal document based on the results of their chemical resistance search query, which can be included directly within a project’s wider construction documentation.

For more information on our Chemical Resistance Guide or to access it, click here.