Made to order disclaimer:


‘Distributor’- A direct transactional customer of Aliaxis products

‘End user’- purchases from an Aliaxis Dstributor

‘Seller’- Aliaxis UK ltd as the supplying company

‘MTO’- Made to order

It is our intention as a business to provide an excellent service for an honest price. We will endeavour to ensure we meet our customers’ expectations so it is important to make sure those expectations are clear. Below you will find all the details relating to Made to order products, which should be read in conjunction with our standard terms and conditions of sale.


Designs and estimations

All estimates/ technical advice supplied are based on Aliaxis group products only, and are offered in good faith based solely on information supplied (either verbally or in writing) and on technical knowledge in existence at the time of writing.

All quotations have been collated in accordance with the specification and design requested, either directly from the End user or indirectly through an Aliaxis Distributor. The receiving Aliaxis representative has not sought to prove the validity of information supplied. Any technical information/ estimations given should not be considered as replacing or superseding your duty of professional care with regards to suitability, design or specification, and as such, quantities, codes and descriptions should be checked to ensure they are in accordance with requirements.

Aliaxis do not accept any legal responsibility for the contents of the issued documents in relation to estimations/ technical advice. The content of the issued documentation and attachments offer no warranties or assurances in relation to safety, and the Aliaxis Group accepts no liability for any consequences arising from it, including additional materials should they be required to complete the installation.

Where you are unsure about any of the information supplied in the design, please contact to discuss further as Aliaxis will work with you to explain any element you are unsure of.


Any drawings, Specifications or related documents shall be approved in writing by a Director of the end user, or someone with authority on their behalf.

Aliaxis will only ever manufacture to the latest officially approved drawing, without exception

Once a drawing/ design has been approved, the end user may request alterations as long as the item has not entered into any manufacturing processes.


Quotes and pricing

Any information is offered free of charge and in good faith as being sufficiently accurate to enable indicative costs to be calculated. Orders and final price confirmation may be placed through the end users chosen distributor. All prices provided in the quotations are exclusive of VAT. Any products of zero price on technical advice/ estimations are classed as price on application and should be discussed directly with the Sellers Customer Services.

Once a distributors order has been accepted by the Seller, orders cannot be cancelled or modified, except with the Seller’s written consent and upon terms which provide for indemnification of the Seller for the costs and expenses incurred.

Unless stated otherwise, all quotations and published price lists are Ex Works (Seller’s location – Incoterms 2010), exclusive of VAT and shall remain valid for 30 days or such period as may be quoted but, nevertheless, the Seller may amend or withdraw any quotation by written or oral notice. Quotations may be varied if the end user (or distributor acting on their behalf) make variations in their specifications. 

Unless otherwise stated all prices quoted are valid for 30 days from the date of stated on the document, unless additional work is requested by the end user, Distributor OR where the seller has uncovered unforeseen issues.

Following that 30 day period, or the validity period in the document, the seller is entitled but not obliged to vary the Price and revise the offer.



Standard fabricated stack packaging consists of a metal stillage with approved wooden base enforcement, the items are located in a bound hessian bag.

Metal Stillages are the property of Aliaxis and should be made available for return, return requests can be made via your nominated sales representative.

Hessian bags, wooden crates and binding become property of the end user or Distributor upon delivery, however the Seller will collect these at the same time as the Metal stillages if required.


Amendments to orders

Certain products are denoted ‘MTO’, a bespoke Fabrication whether ordered as a one off design or from a typical re occurring design is always a MTO item. Aliaxis manufactures or procures these goods on a bespoke basis only. Where a Distributor has placed an order for “MTO” products, the Distributor forfeits their right to cancel or amend their order unless Aliaxis confirms in writing that it will accept the cancellation or amendment of the order by the Distributor. Where Aliaxis does not provide written confirmation of the Distributor’s cancellation, the Distributor remains liable for the full contractual value of all ‘MTO’ products. Once manufacture has started no cancellations will be accepted, and the Distributor will be charged for full quantity of that MTO product line on the order

End users will need to refer to their agreement with their chosen Distributor before amending or cancelling their order



The Goods offered are classified as MTO (Made To order). These goods are non-stocked and are made only against firm Distributor orders. We are unable to accept any amendment, cancellation or variation for any orders placed with us for MTO goods that have been manufactured, or for which the manufacturing process has already commenced, and the order will need to be delivered in full within a reasonable time period and paid for in full.



All Aliaxis quotations are subject to confirmation by the supplying distributor on receipt of any order and the supplying distributor reserves the right to refuse any order

Minimum order values may apply to your order. For full details, please speak directly to your supplying Distributor.



Notice on delivery is 20 working days from receipt of order from the transactional company unless previously negotiated , once drawing are approved products will be available to order within 5 working days to allow Aliaxis to set up systems and codes

Where deliveries are made direct to site from Aliaxis they will be delivered on a curtain sided vehicle unless otherwise discussed and confirmed, and it is the responsibility of the End user to ensure there is sufficient equipment for offloading in a safe environment 

Failure by the Seller to meet any quoted delivery period for any part or the whole of the order shall not entitle the End user or Distributor to rescind the contract or to claim damages of any nature.

The Buyer will receive delivery of any consignment between the hours of 8.00am and 4.00pm Monday to Friday inclusive, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Cost incurred by the Seller arising from refusal to accept consignments within the agreed hours shall not be borne by the supplier.

FORs Bronze ands Silver accredited vehicles are available upon request for direct to site deliveries.


Quality control

As standard all stack sections are factory tested to the below standards.

Each item will have a label attached confirming factory testing pass, and a certificate of testing per section is available upon request. Each item will also have a label indicating SVP number and floor location



Bespoke items are excluded from our standard returns policy, unless damaged due to Aliaxis fault.

Customers or End users must report damaged items to the seller within 3 working days of delivery


Copyright and confidentiality

This quote is strictly confidential and remains the property of the issuing Aliaxis Company and should not be copied to competitors for direct comparison as product specifications dimensions differ considerably.  All Aliaxis Group companies, as part of their standard technical design services will propose value engineering solutions, wherever possible in its estimates- the recommended installation will be designed to save you money and time on site.

By signing I confirm I have the authority to sign on behalf of my companies director, that the drawings provided to me are accurate to the request and information given to Aliaxis, and I will adhere to the above terms and Conditions