We are making it easier for you to do business with us by integrating our transactional activities into a new single ERP system, replacing our individual legacy systems and giving you full access to our unique portfolio with one set of transactions.
This means that from 4th July 2022, you will be able to buy all of the brands you know and love from us as a single supplier, reducing complexity and simplifying administration.
As we transition to our new system there is a few key dates we’d like you to be aware of....

Key dates

  • Our last manufacturing day is the 29th of June 2022
  • The last order date for entry onto our old ERP system is the 29th of June (orders received after 12pm will be held manually for re-entry when our new system goes live)
  • Our last delivery day will be the 30th of June, please refer to your existing delivery service to find out when your last scheduled delivery will take place
  • We will have no ordering/ERP system from the 30th of June to the 3rd of July (inclusive of these dates)
  • Our new ordering system will go live on the 4th of July and deliveries will recommence from the 6th of July (export customer deliveries will recommence from the 11th of July)
  • Orders may still be placed on any day in readiness for go-live, at new prices and discounts where applicable*. We will hold your orders for you and have a team in place ready to transition these onto the new system
  • EDI’s can continue to be placed as these will be migrated to the new system automatically.
Please note: You can still place orders in the normal way across the cutover period, these will be confirmed on/after the 4th of July, providing we have your email address logged on our system.


*If our new price and discount structure applies to you, prior communication of this will have already been made. 

Useful information 

As we move closer to go live, this section will be updated with new information you may find useful.

With the launch of our single ERP system we now have a new customer returns policy covering all brands and products.  

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